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A Tea Tasting in a box! Try 10 of our best and favorite teas from the comfort of your home. They make a great gift for you or a friend. 
Comes with everything you need but your favorite mug and hot water!

Apricot Ginger- (black)  Mouthwatering apricot and spicy ginger make for the perfect blend! Great hot or cold!

Cherry Almond Vanilla- (white)  Delicate white tea with cherries, almond, and a touch of vanilla.

Earl Blue- (black)  A twist on a classic black tea scented with traditional bergamot and fragrant lavender.

Herbal High-C- (herbal)  Fruity and flavorful blend of hibiscus, chamomile, lemongrass, cinnamon and a touch of stevia. Tastes like punch!

Northeast Breakfast Blend- (black)  A highly stimulating blend of black tea, mate, cocoa, cinnamon, ginger and natural chai extracts.

Peppermint Petal- (herbal)  Fragrant and relaxing blend with peppermint, rose petal and natural rose extracts.

Passion Fruit Orange Guava- (green)  A Hawaiian staple of Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, and Guava to transport you to the islands! Perfect hot or cold!

Russian Sweet- (black)  Simulating the taste of a really good cup of Darjeeling, this hearty blend of black teas with a touch of fruity Lychee tea is a crowd pleaser in any crowd!

Sencha- (green)   Japan’s most popular tea with a subtle green color and fresh sweet flavor. 

Tropical Pearl- (green)   Heavenly blend of green, white, and jasmine pearl tea with dried fruit and natural Apricot, Peach, and Mango extracts. 

Brewing Instructions:
1 (8 oz) cup- Measure one scant teaspoon into steeper (about ¼ full) or tea bag. Pour HOT (green tea) or BOILING (all other teas) water over leaves. Let steep 3-4 minutes. Remove tea steeper and enjoy!


large metal tea steeper || disposable tea filters || wood tea scoop

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