Mrs. Kelly's Spring Sampler


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A Tea Tasting in a box! Try 10 of our most popular spring teas from the comfort of your home. We've chosen blends that are excellent both hot and cold for those unpredictable spring days! They make a great gift for you or a friend. 
Comes with everything you need but your favorite mug and hot water!

-10 different teas in a variety of flavors 

-1 Steeper

-Tea Filters 

-Wooden Measuring Spoon

-Small Tin Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Sugar


Included is the following teas:

Indigo Daydream- A flavorful blend with lemongrass, rosehips, apple bits, butterfly pea flowers and natural raspberry extracts. Naturally caffeine free. Produces beautiful indigo hue!

Apricot Elderberry Black- A mouthwatering blend of Apricot and Elderberry. Excellent both hot and cold!

Equinox- A blend of our best green and black teas with calendula, lemongrass, and natural pear and lemon extracts. 

Peppermint Petal- Fragrant and relaxing blend with peppermint and rose petals.

Jasmine Extra Fancy- This highly floral green tea is naturally scented. When steeped, it emits a scent which will immediately remind you of springtime.

Earl Blue- A twist on a classic Black tea with scented with traditional bergamot and fragrant lavender.

I Believe in Marigolds- A pleasing caffeine free blend with calendula, papaya, and orange peel.  Hand blended with natural Apricot, Mango, and Passion Fruit extracts. 

Minnesota Blueberry Green- A fresh and zesty blend with blueberries and natural extracts on a premium green tea base.

Russian Sweet- Simulating the taste of a really good cup of Darjeeling, this hearty blend of black teas with a touch of fruity Lychee Tea is a crowd pleaser in any crowd!

Crimson Harmony- Fruity, festive caffeine free blend with blood orange, cranberry, and hibiscus!

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