Tea Leaf Reading

My great grandmother was a locally renowned tea leaf reader. People came from all over for the opportunity to have their leaves read by her. According to Lore, a reader can never accept cash payment for services rendered. Grateful customers would bring her chickens, vegetables, and household goods to express their appreciation. These instructions are for fun, I hope it makes your tea party a little more exciting! Great Grandma's method to Read Tea Leaves:


  1. Brew a pot of tea and add leaves directly to cup without a strainer. A large leaf tea works best.
  2. While drinking the tea, reflect on a question you wish the leaves to answer.
  3. When done with tea, swirl the tea cup three times in the direction away from yourself.
  4. Turn the cup up-side-down into it's saucer.
  5. Allow the leaves to tell their story. First impressions are important. They suggest an answer to the question that was thought about while drinking the tea. Study the leaves and pictures and images will appear. As with anything, practice will enhance your talents.
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