Fondness Box


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Have someone you're fond of?! We've selected four of our favorite blends and added an adorable strawberry steeper all wrapped inside a box ready to gift! 

*Strawberry Chocolate Black Tea- (1 ounce) A savory blend of strawberry and chocolate.
Ingredients- tea, dried strawberries, natural flavors.

*China Rose White Tea- (1/2 ounce) A truly romantic mix of delicate white tea, rose petals, and fragrant rose extracts. Ingredients- white tea, rose petals, natural rose extracts

*Crimson Harmony- (1 ounce) Fruity, festive red caffeine-free blend to share with everyone.     Ingredients- rooibos, hibiscus, orange peel, cranberries, natural blood orange & cranberry extracts.

*Bliss Tisane- (1 ounce) Relaxing blend of jasmine, lavender, rose petals and lemon verbena. 

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