New Teas Sampler Box


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A Tea Tasting in a box! Try 12 of our newest teas from the comfort of your home. They make a great gift for you or a friend. 
Comes with everything you need but your favorite mug and hot water!

-12 flavors of tea in a variety of flavors 

- 2 stainless steel steepers

-6 oz organic sugars


Included is the following teas:

Blueberry Lemon White- A delectable, mouthwatering delicate white tea with fragrant blueberry and fresh lemon. Sweet and tart!

Passion Fruit Orange Guava White - A taste of Hawaii in a cup! A Hawaiian staple, Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava on a delicate white tea. Perfect hot or cold, to transport you to the Islands!

Serenitea Tisane - A mellow blend of rosemary, spearmint, sage and lavender. A lovely way to relax your mind anywhere!

Turmeric Spice Tisane- This spicy, fragrant blend is sure to become a quick favorite! A complex, flavorful mix of black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric, to please the masses! Caffeine free!

Lemon Turmeric Black- Black tea leaves blended with lemon peel, lemon verbena, lemon grass and turmeric then infused with natural extracts of lemons.

Chai Minneapple Green - A fun twist on our traditional Chai with a bit of spicy ginger and sweet apple on a premium green tea base.

Guava Green - Mouthwatering Guava with light and lovely calendula petals.

Berry Mango Rooibos - A fabulous, fruity blend of rooibos, lemongrass, and dried fruit with mango and strawberries

Coconut Cluster Black - A delectable treat without the guilt when you have more than one cup! Creamy chocolate and caramel with smooth coconut accents. Perfect for any time your sweet tooth hits!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Black - A sweet and spicy stimulating blend of cacao, black and yerba mate teas, with cinnamon, saffron and red pepper.

Elderberry Ginger Black - A fragrant fruity black tea with the freshness of elderberry and the bite of ginger.

Celebration Black - We blend the best of our Ceylon tea and infuse it with extracts of cranberry. We then add vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel and cranberries and carefully blend them in by hand.

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