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A Tea Tasting in a box! Try 12 of our most popular teas from the comfort of your home. They make a great gift for you or a friend. 
Comes with everything you need but your favorite mug and hot water!

-12 flavors of tea in a variety of flavors 

- 2 stainless steel steepers

-6 oz organic sugars


Included is the following teas:

Earl Blue Black - It's hard to know what Earl Charles Grey would think about this new twist on the classic Earl Grey for which he was named after. With all the same flavor that goes into the original blended in with some great tea and fragrant lavender blossoms, we like to think he would approve.

Tropical Pearl Green - Heavenly blend of White, Green & Jasmine Pearl Tea. Tossed with dried fruit, calendula and naturally flavored with Peach, Mango and Apricot.

Cozy Chamomile Tisane - As the name would lead you to believe, this tea is a relaxing & tasty blend of chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon. An Epicurean twist on tradition, this is our first tea and still one of our best. All that and its 100% caffeine free!

Russian Sweet Black - Simulating the taste of a really good cup of Darjeeling, this hearty blend of black teas with a touch of fruity Lychee tea is crowd pleaser in any crowd.

Apricot Ginger Black - Mouthwatering apricot and spicy ginger make a perfect blend! Great hot or cold!

Sencha Green - With its subtle green color and freshly sweet taste, Sencha has claimed the title of being Japan's most popular tea! And with good reason too!

Cherry Almond Vanilla White - Delicate white tea with cherries, almonds and a touch of vanilla.

Cinnamon Roll Black - A caffeinated blend with cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of caramel and maple. It tastes exactly like a cinnamon roll!

Herbal High C Tisane - We've blended together hibiscus, lemon grass, cinnamon, chamomile and stevia to make the perfect tea for big family get-togethers. Fruity and flavorful, Herbal High-C is yet another addition to the 100% caffeine free family.

Mango Green - This blend of our best tea and mango extracts is the perfect choice for the mango fans out there. And if you aren't one, you will be after trying this! Hot or cold, this tasty blend is fit for serving all year round.

African Fruit Bowl Rooibos - A fruity blend of banana, passion fruit and mango, tossed with cornflower & stevia. Caffeine free!

Celebration Black - We blend the best of our Ceylon tea and infuse it with extracts of cranberry. We then add vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel and cranberries and carefully blend them in by hand.

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