A short video produced by our friends at A440 live about Mrs. Kelly's Tea.

Mrs. Kelly's Tea, Winner in  World Tea Championship!

Mindy Kelly, CEO of Mrs. Kelly's Tea, is bursting with pride to be a winner in the Flavored Black category at the World Tea Championship. In a blind taste test held in Las Vegas on Feb 22 and 23rd, 2011, Mrs. Kelly's Celebration/Holiday Tea received a score of 85, which denotes a tea with superior qualities and characteristics. There were over 200 entrants in this category, and Mrs. Kelly's received the coveted second place award (losing first place by only 1 point!)


Receive a free presentation tea with your web order of $50 or more ($100 would receive 2 etc.). Presentation Teas are Tea Leaves tied into different shapes which bloom when they are infused. These are a "special purchase" and are available FREE while our supply lasts. After you make several delicious pots of GREEN Tea with your presentation Teas float the Tea Leaves in a clear goblet for an unusual centerpiece. Change the water daily it will last up to 1 month! The presentation tea will be automatically added to your order and will not show on your invoice.


Did you know...
*We always put a FREE deluxe sample (6-10 cup) in every web order.
*When an order is received that is purchased by a different name than it is being shipped to, we always include a gift card.


Where: Grain Belt Brewery Warehouse - 77 -13th Avenue NE - Minneapolis, MN 55413
763-788-8753, toll free 1-888-675-7832

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